Colin Cowherd’s Brutal Message For Steelers Fans (Video)

Colin Cowherd’s Brutal Message For Steelers Fans (Video)

The Buffalo Bills defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 26-15 on Sunday night. After the game, Fox Sports radio broadcaster Colin Cowherd delivered a stinging message to fans of the losing side.

“Pittsburgh’s a good team, but their time has come and gone,” Cowherd said.

“Buffalo is Pittsburgh 15 years ago. Big, strong, mobile quarterback. Tremendous young coach on the defense side. The Bills are current and real and a Super Bowl contender. The Steelers are a big brand and they are no longer elite and you know it if you’re in Pittsburgh.”

This is not the first time Cowherd has taken aim at Steelers Nation. Several weeks ago, when Pittsburgh was still undefeated, he was similarly critical.

“Pittsburgh Steelers fans, you need to grow up,” he said. “This is not a Super Bowl team. Go cry in your terrible towels. You’re 11-0 and it feels hollow. Just own it, Pittsburgh is not a Super Bowl team. Tennessee is better today. I know you beat them, but now Bud Dupree is out of the year. So Devin Bush and Bud Dupree are both out in your front 7, you’re NOT stopping King Henry,” he continued.

“You’re not beating Kansas City either. You can’t run the ball. How do you take the ball away from Patrick Mahomes? RUN THE BALL. YOU can’t, and had to throw 51 times last night to beat COVID-19 ravaged Baltimore.

“Two of your top 3 linebackers are out, so you’re not going to stop the run as much. You’ve had the second easiest schedule in the NFL, and you’ve faced four backup quarterbacks,” Cowherd added.

While Cowherd’s assessment of the Steelers may have been a bit harsh, it’s undeniable that the team is going through a rough stretch right now.

The loss to Buffalo was Pittsburgh’s second in a row and one that led to some soul searching from team quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

“If I don’t play good enough football, then I need to hang it up,” he said on Sunday. “I still feel like I can do enough things to help this team win football games, and I’ll do everything I can to get us back on track.”

Roethlisberger completed 21 of his 37 attempts for 187 yards, two scores and two picks. He also his first pick-six since 2018 to close the first half.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin struck a critical tone after the Bills loss.

“We have to win more possession downs and thus possess the ball more and give us more opportunities,” coach Mike Tomlin said.

“The more snaps you get, the more opportunities you get to make some of the dynamic plays you suggested. It starts first with staying on schedule and possessing the ball, and we are not doing enough of that right now. That makes some of the other discussions more troublesome.”

Pittsburgh still has plenty of time to right the ship. For 90 percent of the season thus far, the Steelers have been a top-three team. But momentum matters. If they don’t start stringing together some victories again, this group might end up proving Cowherd right when the postseason rolls around.

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