1 Team Lonzo Ball Wants Pelicans To Trade Him To

1 Team Lonzo Ball Wants Pelicans To Trade Him To

The New Orleans Pelicans are in the process of finalizing who they want to build their franchise around over the next few years. Atop that list are Brandon Ingram, who received a max deal this past offseason, and second-year star Zion Williamson.

One name who isn’t on the list? Lonzo Ball.

Ball put the entire league on notice earlier this year after failing to secure a big-money deal with the Pelicans. He pledged to really prove himself and establish himself as a developing star. Sadly, that hasn’t actually come to fruition.

Although he is averaging a career-high 13.4 points per game this year, it has come at a detriment to his other stats. He is averaging career lows in assists with 4.3 per outing, as well as rebounds, with 4.6 per game.

Between that and New Orleans’ 10-12 mark on the year, changes need to be made.

The Pelicans have made it no secret that they are interested in a potential deal centering around Ball. Thus far, five teams have emerged as heavy favorites to possibly swing a trade for him.

But where does Ball himself want to go?

According to NBA insider Matt Moore of The Action Network, the Chicago Bulls are currently viewed as the likeliest landing spot for Ball.

“Multiple league sources told Action Network that Chicago is (currently) the most likely landing spot for Ball,” he wrote. “That’s based on multiple factors, including the preference of both Ball and his agent, Rich Paul, Chicago’s interest in making a roster move and the Pelicans’ openness to discussions.”

This year’s NBA trade deadline is set for Thursday, March 25. While it remains to be seen if Ball ultimately lands with the Bulls, it is becoming increasingly clear that his time in New Orleans will almost certainly soon come to an end.

Fortunately, it seems like Ball has come to terms with that.

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