1 Team Aaron Rodgers ‘Wants To Be’ With Next Season

1 Team Aaron Rodgers ‘Wants To Be’ With Next Season

Aaron Rodgers casually flipped the NFL world on its head prior to this year’s NFL Draft when he demanded that the Green Bay Packers trade him.

For fairly obvious reasons, Green Bay has been reluctant to give up arguably the best quarterback of his generation – despite his unabashed hatred of the organization.

Despite the lack of progress towards any sort of trade, Rodgers has been linked most closely to one particular team: the Denver Broncos.

During a recent Q&A session with fans, NFL insider Benjamin Allbright shined a light on why there has been so much Rodgers-to-Denver chatter.

“Can somebody tell me why only the Broncos come up when Rodgers trades are discussed?” the fan asked.

Allbright’s response to that question was telling: “Because that’s where Rodgers wants to be.”

Although there has been a lot of chatter about Rodgers sitting out next year or retiring, his offseason prep for 2021-22 has remained fairly standard.

By all accounts he went through his regular offseason training routine with Proactive Sports Performance, a program that includes field work, a weight room, yoga and sand dunes work. That means should the Packers actually deal him, the reigning league MVP will be ready to roll from the jump for his next squad.

At this point, the Packers have made their asking price for Rodgers known. The onus is now on Denver to meet it, or explain to Broncos fans why arguably the most talented quarterback of his generation wasn’t worth the cost.

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