Zion Williamson’s Cryptic Social Media Post Causes A Stir

Zion Williamson’s Cryptic Social Media Post Causes A Stir

Zion Williamson has obviously had something of a hectic NBA offseason.

Amid his personal woes, the incessant trade speculation and the never-ending hubbub about his health, it has just been one issue after another.

On Thursday night, the New Orleans Pelicans big man posted a cryptic message to social media that caused something of a stir.

The IG Story largely speaks for itself.

Zion Williamson’s Cryptic Social Media Post Causes A Stir 1

Obviously music lyrics are just music lyrics on their own, but they could also mean something more.

And that is what caused some concern among NBA fans. The words “cry for help” were referenced repeatedly.

Big picture, Williamson was and continues to be one of the NBA’s most promising young talents. He is still just 23 years old. And although he has missed a lot of time in his short pro career, so did Joel Embiid at one point.

When he plays, Williamson displays MVP-level potential. He just needs to remain on the court.

And as far as the off-the-court stuff goes – that is nobody’s business. If Williamson was healthy, it would be a non-story.

Will Williamson be able to get his career back on track, stay healthy in 2023-24 and prove the haters wrong? Time will tell.

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