Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Shares Bathing Suit Photo Before Jets Game

Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Shares Bathing Suit Photo Before Jets Game

Zach Wilson’s mom, Lisa, shared a bathing suit photo this week ahead of the New York Jets’ looming preseason game against the New York Giants.

So far this has been a busy offseason for both mother and son. While Zach has been out impressing some of his critics with his surprisingly solid preseason play, Lisa has been a permanent fixture in the news cycle on a weekly basis as well.

Last weekend, for example, she caused a huge stir by bringing her girlfriends to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. Why is it a big deal? Primarily because of her son’s well-noted history with her friends.

This week Lisa found herself in the news cycle once again, this time for sharing a photo of herself in her bathing suit.

Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Shares Bathing Suit Photo Before Jets Game 1

Lisa’s place in the larger cultural zeitgeist is etched in stone at this point. Between her wild recent birthday bash and nonstop posting on social media, she is quite the influencer.

As for Zach, his future with the Jets is very much a question mark at this point. This week Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated offered some thoughts on where he thinks all parties involved may go from here.

“If [Aaron] Rodgers isn’t (around after the 2024 season), and Wilson is developed, I’d imagine he would want to stay and he’d be more valuable to the Jets, at that point, than any other team,” Breer wrote.

“If Rodgers were to play a third year in Jersey, different story.”

It would cost New York more than $20 million to pick up Zach’s fifth-year option for 2025.

So far in the preseason Zach has done exactly what has been asked from him. Along the way, he has also put together some highlight reel plays.

Against the Bucs, Zach went 9-for-13 for 70 yards through the air on mostly short passes. He wound up averaging 3.6 yards per pass attempt, which sort of speaks for itself. The 24-year-old’s longest pass of the outing was a 26-yarder to rookie Jason Brownlee.

Zach’s girlfriend, Nicolette Dellanno, has also caused quite the stir at his preseason games. Between her and Lisa, the women in Zach’s life are just as adept at making headlines as he is.

Big picture, barring something crazy happening to Rodgers, Zach is likely going to be riding the bench a lot this year.

Obviously Rodgers’ calf injury could take a turn for the worse or the realities of pushing in all your chips on a 39-year-old could catch up with the Jets.

But most likely, Rodgers will be fine and Zach will back him up.

What does that mean for Zach and Lisa’s knack for going viral as the Jets season progresses? Time will tell.

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