Zach LaVine’s Real Frustration With Chicago Bulls

Zach LaVine’s Real Frustration With Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have been one of the more disappointing teams in the NBA so far this season, and Zach LaVine is a big reason why.

Despite getting a $215 million contract extension over the summer, LaVine has been perpetually unhappy with his role in Chicago and how things have gone for him.

This in turn has led to a lot of friction between him and other members of the organization.

One person LaVine seems to have a particularly notable issue with is Bulls head coach Billy Donovan.

According to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times, LaVine has a pretty fundamental frustration with his head coach.

“According to a source, while the LaVine-Billy Donovan player-coach relationship is still very workable it remains somewhat strained in the wake of a Nov. 18, late-game benching in which Donovan chose to ride out the final minutes against Orlando with LaVine out of the game,” Cowley wrote.

Between this most recent update and the reason for why LaVine didn’t leave Chicago coming out, it is increasingly feeling like the 27-year-old is a huge prima donna. He is undoubtedly a talented scorer, but he really isn’t as good of an all-around player to be acting the way he is.

At this point, it may make sense for the Bulls to seek out all possible options as far as he goes.

By all accounts there are two NBA teams with legitimate interest in acquiring LaVine right now, with one being viewed as the clear frontrunner.

Beyond that, he himself has a preference on where he wants to go – though the feasibility remains unclear.

The NBA Trade Deadline is rapidly approaching. Very soon the Bulls will need to decide one way or the other whether LaVine is worth all this trouble.

What they ultimately decide on that front will have massive ramifications for the franchise for many years to come.

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