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Youngstown State Coach Pays Ultimate Price For Cheap Shot

Youngstown State Coach Pays Ultimate Price For Cheap Shot

Northern Iowa defeated Youngstown State 21-0 this past weekend. Although the game itself wasn’t particularly competitive or memorable, one particular sequence definitely was.

A portion of the way through the first half, Northern Iowa wide receiver Quan Hampton caught the ball and intentionally ran out of bounds near the Youngstown bench.

Simple enough, right?

Not quite.

Bizarrely, a Youngstown staffer took the opening to land a cheap shot on Hampton.

As expected, on Monday consequences were doled out for that lapse in judgement.

Youngstown State director of player personnel Tim Johnson will henceforth not be permitted on the sidelines for the remainder of the football season.

“I apologize to UNI, Youngstown State, the Missouri Valley Football Conference and our community for what occurred on Saturday,” Johnson said in a statement.

“As a member of the YSU Football staff, my actions are held in high regard and that should have never occurred. Again, I deeply apologize to all who have been impacted by my actions.”

Johnson was originally hired by Youngstown State to serve as the school’s director of player personnel earlier this year. Needless to say, he’s off to a bumpy start.

There has been a pattern across several sports over the past few weeks where dirty plays have gone unrecognized and unpunished — even if someone ends up with a fractured limb as a result. It’s nice to see that, at least at this level of play, actions still have consequences.

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