WWE Star Sunny’s OnlyFans Account Makes Her $300K

WWE Star Sunny’s OnlyFans Account Makes Her $300K

WWE Star Sunny’s OnlyFans Account Makes Her $300K

WWE star Sunny revealed recently that she would be creating an OnlyFans account.

While many were surprised by the announcement, nobody quite knew what that decision would mean for her bottom line.

Now we know.

According to Ringside News, Sunny gets 80 percent of the $30 per month membership cost from her fans. With 798 fans, she is making serious bank.

Assuming that her fans only signed with the lowest-cost plan, she is pulling in more than $200,000 annually. If they signed up for something more than that, she could be making nearly $300,000 annually.

According to Sunny, she is doing extremely well on OnlyFans. It will be interesting to see if this turns into an even more lucrative venture for her as time continues.

Sunny is a household name among all old school wrestling fans, so her success in this particular avenue is completely unsurprising.

Will more WWE stars follow her lead? Time will tell.

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