Woman Exposes Shaq By Revealing Text Messages (Photo)

Woman Exposes Shaq By Revealing Text Messages (Photo)

Moniece Slaughter and former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal have had something of a tumultuous relationship. Although the former has often spoken out about the latter, never have the anecdotes been quite as brutal as her most recent one.

During an appearance on Domenick Nati Show, the reality TV vixen revealed that O’Neal told her to “kill yourself” in an angry text exchange.

“You know what’s crazy?” she said. “I haven’t spoken to him in forever and he text me and told me to kill myself. I think what happened was, a lot of his hookers, current hookers, his harem, was upset and he tried to prove [something].”

Moniece then revealed the text messages.

“First of all, I have him listed in my phone as Booger,” she said. “That was my nickname for him.”

Apparently, per her version of events, O’Neal was upset with her because she was entertaining other guys.

“Out of the blue on October 25, he text me because our interview made MediaTakeOut. And so I said, ‘I don’t know why the hell you keep listening to MediaTakeOut.’ So, he text me back, ‘First of all, watch your mouth. You’re the one giving him my p***y. That’s my p***y and you keep entertaining bum ass n***as.'”

Woman Exposes Shaq By Revealing Text Messages (Photo) 1

Moniece then told Shaq: “Well you might want to start providing then. You might wanna start checking on me. Nobody said sh*t to you when you was on a yacht with a b*tch all on the blogs.”

Moniece and O’Neal are said to have dated between 2011 and 2012. During a past interview, she spoke at great length about her ex’s manhood, noting, “It’s a good size, we had to get creative at times, but it was fun.”

To date, O’Neal has yet to respond to all these comments.

Will that change at some point? Time will tell.

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