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Wisconsin Thinks Oregon Cheated In Rose Bowl

Wisconsin Thinks Oregon Cheated In Rose Bowl

Wisconsin Thinks Oregon Cheated In Rose Bowl

Wisconsin thinks Oregon cheated in the Rose Bowl on Wednesday afternoon.

The Badgers were firmly in control of this outing, up 27-21 with nine minutes remaining in the game. Between Jonathan Taylor’s big run and the clock being on their side, a victory seemed within reach for Wisconsin.

Suddenly, things took a turn.

Danny Davis III fumbled the ball away and Justin Herbert ended up capitalizing on that error, scoring on a 30-yard run to put Oregon up 28-27.

After a series of punts, Wisconsin got the ball back on its own 24-yard line with four minutes remaining.

That’s when it happened.

On a third-and-six, Wisconsin appeared to have a first down conversion when the officials called it back – saying a pass interference occurred.

That controversial pass interference call turned what should have been a first down into a third-and-20 situation.

Needless to say, Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst was not happy.

The Badgers never recovered.

After the game, Wisconsin fans were livid and argued that the outing had been stolen from them.

While it is hard to go that far, seeing as the Badgers had many chances to lock this game up, it is definitely undeniable that the pass interference call was very iffy.

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  1. Chested, yeah right, Ducks didn’t throw that flag and the on air official thought it was the right called. Badgers might have got jobbed, but Ducks cheating is a VERY poor headline.

  2. that call, and the unsportsmanlike conduct, when Oregon got the last touchdown. Was also a BS call. Hicks was pushed from behind in the end zone , into the qb

    1. You might want to educate yourself before ever making a comment. Those are not PAC 12 refs, they are from the Big 12…. Iffy call for sure, but how’s is that Oregon’s fault? I saw bad calls and non calls for both teams. Either way you slice it, Oregon didn’t cheat if a ref makes a call and the on air announcer agrees to the call. Personal perspective? I’ll say I was impressed with both teams defenses!!! Oregon’s offensive play calling is horrible! No imagination. Wisconsin had much better play calling. Impressed with Taylor!

  3. How about making that field goal?
    That was in your control. You’d have won had you made that kick.
    Suck it up Badger fans. You had too many turnovers and to many penalties.

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