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Michigan Angry Over What Nick Saban Did During Alabama Game

Michigan Angry Over What Nick Saban Did During Alabama Game

Michigan Angry Over What Nick Saban Did During Alabama Game

Michigan fans are angry over what Nick Saban did during the Alabama game.

The Citrus Bowl more or less went as expected on Wednesday, with Saban’s group prevailing over Michigan 35-16.

Early on the Wolverines put forth a valiant effort, but ultimately the talent disparity was just too much for them to overcome.

With the score sitting at 28-16 at the end of the game, everyone figured that Alabama would simply run out the clock and call it a day.

That is not what they ended up doing, though.

Rather than just sit on the ball Saban called a few more plays and Alabama ended up scoring once more, raising their final point total to 35.

People immediately took issue with this.

“Alabama could have taken a knee, scored one more instead. It’s 35-16 over Michigan,” one writer noted.

Did Alabama run up the score on Michigan? Maybe a little.

But is there really anything wrong with a top-tier program turning a 12-point victory into a 19-point victory?

Absolutely not.

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  1. If Michigan would have come out aggressive in the 2nd half like the 1st half, then they might have still been in the game.
    But Nooooo it was forget the running game, short passes, no pressuring the defense.
    Basically Harbaugh football 101…
    And I am a Lifelong Michigan fan!

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