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Winner Of Michigan vs Alabama Is Clear, Says Urban Meyer

Winner Of Michigan vs Alabama Is Clear, Says Urban Meyer

Winner Of Michigan vs Alabama Is Clear, Says Urban Meyer

The winner of Michigan vs Alabama is clear, says Urban Meyer.

Coming into bowl season four teams have clearly and deservedly received more attention than any others: LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma.

As the four participants in the College Football Playoffs, that attention is totally justified.

Beyond them, though, there is another pair of programs that will be featured in a fascinating game on New Year’s Day:  Michigan and Alabama.

Both programs have a lot to play for.

A win over Michigan would put a lid on all the talk of Alabama’s dynasty being over. If Nick Saban earns an impressive victory over a decently formidable Wolverines squad, it will go a long way in proving that this season was an aberration and not the new normal.

Meanwhile, for Jim Harbaugh, this is an opportunity to show that he can win a big game. After years upon years of being embarrassed by Ohio State, the one thing he has yet to prove is that he can win against truly great programs. A victory over the Crimson Tide would change that.

Recently, former Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer was asked for his take on how this one would turn out.

He does not envision it being particularly close.

“I’m going with Alabama, because it just doesn’t look right when (you see the polls) and see Alabama at No. 13,” Meyer said.

“At Ohio State, for the 7 years we were there, there we a couple times we got caught outside the top 10 and I’m telling you, you’re not sure the sun’s going to come up the next day in Columbus. In Tuscaloosa, this is uncharted waters.

“You lose this game and you finish No. 18 or something like that – they’ll be fine, they have a great recruiting class – but I can just imagine Nick Saban and that coaching staff. They have to win this game.”

Alabama comes into this showdown as a full touchdown favorite, so based on all the information available, odds makers clearly believe Saban’s group has the edge.

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  1. Another chance hareball has to show just how far down the Wolverines has gone under the fairt tale era of jimmies follies. Since we no longer get five star tecruits wanting to play in the big house why not blow a scholarship on a punter this time. Hell ole jim will show up at the kids tree house where he invites himself to dinner and sleeps over by dosing off watching a star wars marathon and in the morning during a flap jacks breakfast he can announce a full ride to his new young friend. Hey didnt work with a field goal kicker maybe his luck turns around signing a good punter. Bo know we could sure use one next season. smh

  2. This headline badly misrepresented Coach Meyer’s comments. He was staying that a win in this game was much more important for Alabama than for Michigan. He never attempted to make a prediction.

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