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LSU Loses Star Ahead Of Bowl Game Against Oklahoma

LSU Loses Star Ahead Of Bowl Game Against Oklahoma

LSU Loses Star Ahead Of Bowl Game Against Oklahoma

LSU lost a star ahead of their bowl game against Oklahoma.

According to Matt Zenitz of, former four-star wide receiver Dee Anderson has entered the NCAA transfer portal.

Anderson came out of high school with a lot of hype. He reportedly received 14 scholarship offers and was the No. 37 wide receiver in his class.

Unfortunately, he never really had the opportunity to make a huge mark on the LSU offense.

Last year, Anderson recorded 20 receptions for 274 yards and a touchdown.

This past fall, LSU head coach Ed Orgeron suspended Anderson over a conditioning issue. The suspension ultimately lasted a full year.

Now Anderson will need to prove himself elsewhere. With a full year of eligibility remaining, the six-foot-five star should have a decent amount of suitors.

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    1. Probably should stick to west coast sports then. Dee Anderson was not a star, he very well have could of been as he was very talented coming out of h.s. He was always in the coaches doghouse for one thing or another, and thus never got to develop. Wish him well as and I hope he gets it together, but this article is genuine clickbait. Congrats you got me.

  1. West Coast contacts…….well here’s your sign…dude didn’t play 1 snap this year…suspended….get ALL the facts…STAR….good God you people make me sick

  2. An embarrassing demonstration of ignorance by the writer. Anderson is your prototypical “failed to live up to potential” player. He may have been a “star” in high school, but most Tiger fans don’t even know who he is. COME ON! Give us a real story. Lame

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