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Winner Of LSU vs Oklahoma Extremely Clear, Says ESPN

Winner Of LSU vs Oklahoma Extremely Clear, Says ESPN

Winner Of LSU vs Oklahoma Extremely Clear, Says ESPN

The winner of LSU vs Oklahoma is very clear, says ESPN.

Less than a week removed from the semifinals showdown between the Tigers and Sooners, the worldwide leader in sports is making it very clear who is going to win.

According to its computer model, ESPN has the likelihood of LSU emerging victorious at 67.3 percent.

Essentially the belief is that Joe Burrow and Co. have a two times better chance of winning than Oklahoma.

Is that position a fair one? It is certainly hard to argue with.

LSU has won all of its games this year in fairly dominant fashion. Beyond that, the SEC has been arguably the best conference in all of college football this year, which makes the Tigers’ record all the more impressive.

Oklahoma, meanwhile, needed to get really lucky to secure a spot in the College Football Playoffs.

First the Sooners needed Alabama to lose twice, once to LSU and once to Auburn. Then they needed Baylor to choke twice. Finally, they needed LSU to knock Georgia out in the SEC Championship Game.

All of that isn’t to say that Oklahoma is a bad team. It just stands to reason that LSU would be the favorite going into their outing.

Will Oklahoma ultimately be able to shock the world and advance past LSU?

We’ll get an answer once and for all come December 28.

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Michael Kyaw

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  1. ESPN and the SEC NETWORK have all had their heads so far up LSU’S ASS they knew what BURROWS and team ate before they did. These networks have been so biased it was embarrassing. HURT has beat LSU TWICE don’t think it can’t happen again. BOOMERSOONER

    1. LSU fan here. I don’t like ESPN either. No one that I know believes that Oklahoma can’t win. Oklahoma is loaded with top talent and we know it. Jalen Hurts obviously knows how to beat LSU. I think it will be a close game but I would not say either team should be favored. Turnovers might decide this game.

  2. Baylor choked twice to OU…LSU couldn’t have lost to Georgia of they are so good. Perhaps Alabama was a lesser team than War Eagle and LSU.
    I dont understand the point of this article, nor your argument.
    I will never get the time back that I wasted reading this…
    Boomer Sooner.

  3. “…LSU has won all of its games this year in fairly dominant fashion…”

    But had to rely on a 22 point 4th quarter to beat what wound up being a mediocre 7-5 Texas Longhorns team.

    Yeah…let’s be intellectually dishonest and call that one dominating…….🤔🤣🤣🤣


  4. Also, the winner won’t be extremely clear until the final second of the final period has expired. Could be LSU…but it could also be the Oklahoma Sooners. With your opinion & $2 I could still buy a cup of coffee at any cafe in my hometown.

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