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Clemson vs Ohio State Will Be A Blowout, Says Expert

Clemson vs Ohio State Will Be A Blowout, Says Expert

Clemson vs Ohio State Will Be A Blowout, Says Expert

Clemson vs Ohio State will be a blowout, says one expert.

Coming into bowl season the one thing everyone seemingly agreed on was that the Tigers and Buckeyes were a pair of very well-matched team.

As such, most prognosticators had the final score being close. Maybe Clemson would win. Perhaps Ohio State would emerge victorious.

But one way or another, most figured this would be a tightly-contested battle.

One exception to this rule has been 247 Sports.

In a recent column, the 247 Sports writers took their shot at predicting how Ohio State vs Clemson would turn out. Both writers involved picked Clemson to defeat Ohio State.

However, only one had it happening in a blowout.

According to Brad Crawford of 247Sports, this one won’t even be close.

“Nothing against Ohio State, and I’ve picked the Buckeyes to cover in nearly every game this season, but this is one of my favorite picks of bowl season,” he said.

“You have a team that’s won 28 straight games with Playoff experience matched up with a group not all that familiar with the big stage.

“There were important contests in Big Ten play this fall, but this one’s a different animal.

“And last time the Buckeyes appeared in the final four, Brent Venables’ defense dominated an explosive offense with extra time to prepare.”

When it was all said and done, Crawford had Clemson defeating Ohio State by a score of 34-17.

Will the Buckeyes really get blown out in such epic fashion after dominating all challengers for the entire season? It is to believe things will unfold that way, but stranger things have happened in college football.

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  1. What an idiot…. first all will Clemson players haven’t played on this big stage , I will just give them the quarterback edge

    Second the 2016 team is gone… and thirdly Ohio State played three top 10 teams in a row Beat the by Double figures …what would Clemson’s record bene had they played 3 top 10 teams in a row… they would not be unbeaten… he is an absolute idiot I’ll take the Buckeyes buona 18

    1. Florida Atlantic University scored 21 points against OSU and Michigan appeared to be winning until 4th quarter and now with OSU team reporting their running QB is 80% ready because of his gimpy leg, I don’t see OSU scoring a lot of points.

    2. OSU players played well into the 4th quarter in most games
      Clemson starters didnt even see the 4th quarter in over 10 games.
      Except for the UNC game they have dominated everyone.
      I’ll take Clemson over OSU by 12

  2. I believe strongly that Ohio State is too good of a team this year to be “blown out” on any terms. Ohio States defensive game alone can carry the team and prevent consecutive touchdowns. Clemsons offensive game has no chance against Chase Young.

  3. The 2016 Ohio State team did not have an explosive offense because their QB was more of a running QB with limited passing ability. Lawrence is not Watson. Ohio State clearly has the advantage and will run through the Paper Tigers because this is not the same D Line like last year that had 3 defensive lineman that went in the 1st round.

  4. Ohio defense cannot cope with the speed of a Clemson’s receivers.
    With this much time Venebales will have a defensive scheme to stop Fields from scrambling
    Ohio offense without Fields at full strength has no chance of scoring 35, which is what they need to have a shot at winning.
    Entiene will have a big day against OS while they are focused on stopping Lawrence..
    Clemson owns Ohio State.

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