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Winner Of LSU vs Clemson Is Clear, Says ESPN

Winner Of LSU vs Clemson Is Clear, Says ESPN

Winner Of LSU vs Clemson Is Clear, Says ESPN

The winner of LSU vs Clemson is clear, says ESPN.

Saturday night’s College Football Playoff games between LSU-Oklahoma and Ohio State-Clemson went pretty much according to plan.

Everyone envisioned the No. 1 ranked Tigers defeating an overmatched Sooners team. Similarly, most realized that No. 2 ranked Ohio State versus No. 3 ranked Clemson would be a tight one.

Ultimately LSU emerged with a dominant 63-28 victory and Clemson snuck away with a 29-23 win.

The big question now becomes: who will win the National Championship Game?

According to the odds makers, LSU is a three-point favorite at the moment. It makes sense, given the sheer dominance displayed on Saturday night.

However, according to ESPN’s computer model, it is actually Clemson that should have the edge going into the big game.

The worldwide leader crunched the numbers, and based on their algorithm Clemson has a 55.5 percent chance of beating LSU.

Clemson will head into the January 13 showdown carrying the momentum of a 29-game winning streak. LSU, meanwhile, is fresh off arguably the most dominant victory of its season.

Will LSU be able to prove the odds makers right and ESPN wrong? We’ll find out soon enough.

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  1. I think LSU must have a strong defensive man specifically for the quarterback of Clemson. The onlyClemson can beat LSU through the quarterback running and not throwing the ball. LSU must pressure the Clemson quarterback throughout the game. LSU must protect their quarterback and score as many points as possible to ensure the National Championship.

  2. This tiger fight is already over.LSU is so overrated.Clemson is gonna bury LSU.Oregon DUCKS would crush either one of these overated teams duh DUCKS…ROSE BOWL winner winner chicken dinner.

  3. Just remember Doug flutie and the Bill’s went to the superbowl how many times and never won. I don’t think lsu can be stopped this year. Go tigers [lsu]

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