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Winner Of Clemson vs Ohio State Is Clear, Says Colin Cowherd

Winner Of Clemson vs Ohio State Is Clear, Says Colin Cowherd

Winner Of Clemson vs Ohio State Is Clear, Says Colin Cowherd

The winner of Clemson vs Ohio State is clear, says Colin Cowherd.

Coming into the College Football Playoff, one match-up is very obviously getting more attention and fanfare than the other.

While LSU vs Oklahoma should be a fun little showdown, the talent disparity there is glaring.

LSU faced arguably the toughest schedule in college football in the roughest conference around and emerged from it undefeated.

Oklahoma needed the Pac-12 to complete collapse, two choke jobs by Baylor and LSU defeating both Alabama and Georgia to earn a playoff berth.

LSU will win against Oklahoma, and do so comfortably.

The far more intriguing match-up is the game between Clemson and Ohio State.

Clemson came into the year as the No. 1 team in the country. Unfortunately, due to a lack of strong competition, the team was continuously downgraded in the polls despite never losing a single game.

Ohio State, meanwhile, looked like far and away the best team in the Big Ten all season long. Everyone thought the Buckeyes would struggle without Urban Meyer, but they did not miss a single beat.

Recently, Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd was asked to give his predictions for the upcoming College Football Playoffs.

According to him, Clemson will ultimately prevail over Ohio State and earn its way back into the National Championship Game.

Cowherd sees Clemson defeating Ohio State, 36-30.

Will Clemson ultimately be able to prove all their doubters wrong and cement themselves as the best program in college football?

We’ll find out once and for all in one week’s time.

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  1. Ohio state learned a lot at the big 10 championship game and will not make the same mistakes therefore i have Ohio State beating Clemson 35 to 21 Ohio State cause they will not stop the run game and the deep threats down field just saying and don’t even get me started about the defense…

  2. yes, I also think clemson will win. so does las vegas. that does not make it “clear” who will win. Some guy says so and this puzzay of an author click-whooore repeats it for money. craptacular journalism in sports. up yours, itsgame7, you have no integrity.

  3. Can’t wait to see these games. No one seems to be giving Oklahoma a snowball’s chance in hell. I am so hoping that they will beat LSU! In fact, I hope they win the whole thing. So many Talking Heads making predictions, you wonder why we even need to play the games!! But hopefully on Saturday, Oklahoma will shock the world!!! And hopefully on January 13th they will shock the world again !!!! Also, Jalen Hurts is a true champion, no matter what happens.

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