Urban Meyer Is Heading To The New York Jets?

Urban Meyer Is Heading To The New York Jets?

Urban Meyer Is Heading To The New York Jets?

Urban Meyer is heading to the New York Jets, it would appear based on the facts at hand.

Meyer, 55, decided to take a year off from football after leaving Ohio State last season.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest college football minds of all time, most assumed it was only a matter of time before he recharged his batteries and returned.

The two places that seemed like the likeliest destinations for Meyer were USC and Notre Dame.

Amazingly enough, it looks like both schools will stick with their current football coaches going into next year.

So where does that leave Meyer?

Well, it appears that he has now turned his attention to the professional ranks.

On Thursday, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter appeared on Get Up and confirmed that Meyer would be down for an NFL gig.

“I think Urban Meyer is interested in coaching in the NFL,” Schefter said.

“I think he has an interest and would be open to talking to people about it. I think he is definitely interested in getting to the NFL if that were an option.

“He would sit down, he would listen and if the right opportunity I think he would be interested.”

It is no secret that Meyer has publicly expressed interest in the Dallas Cowboys coaching job once Jason Garrett is fired. But Jerry Jones seems to have his heart set on a coach with significant NFL experience.

So who does that leave?

Meyer recently attended a Washington Redskins game and that raised a few eyebrows, but he is likely too smart to throw himself into the center of that circus.

The Atlanta Falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars will likely have coaching vacancies to fill come season’s end, and either could be a good landing spot for Meyer.

But the most likely spot for the former college coach has to be the Jets.

Adam Gase has been a disappointment since the minute he walked through the door. New York, as presently constructed, should have had no issues winning eight games this year.

Instead the team is 5-9 through 14 outings and has consistently been one of the league’s worst organizations.

It is time to bring in someone with some gravitas, and Meyer would be that.

At this point, what does New York really have to lose?

Is Meyer to the Jets a guarantee? Obviously not. There are no locks in this sport. Anything could happen.

But would it make a whole lot of sense for all involved? Absolutely.

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  1. The last thing THE JETS need is a psychotic coach that will have some kind of life issue as soon as they lose a couple of games. He’ll have to quit because he hears his mommy calling him home.
    If Urban wants a job so bad, I heard McDonalds is looking for a late shift French Fry boy for anywhere.

  2. Saying “he took a year off” as if he went on a sabbatical is disingenuous. You’re a reporter, not a cheerleader. Don’t be afraid of the truth when it is an important detail to the story.

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