Winner Of 49ers vs Chiefs Very Clear, Says ESPN

Winner Of 49ers vs Chiefs Very Clear, Says ESPN

Winner Of 49ers vs Chiefs Very Clear, Says ESPN

The winner of the looming 49ers vs Chiefs game is very clear, says ESPN.

Over the past year, the worldwide leader in sports has been developing an algorithm to predict football games. The accuracy of the model varies, but it presumably gets better with each passing game.

According to ESPN’s computer model, the Chiefs have a 64.8 percent chance of emerging from the Super Bowl as champions.

Conversely, the Niners have just a 35.2 percent chance of winning the big one.

This year’s Super Bowl is a fascinating match-up.

It essentially features the best offense in the league in Kansas City against the best defense in San Francisco.

Traditionally in battles like this the defense tends to come out on top. Of course, that theory discounts what an offense-heavy, pass-happy league the NFL has become over the last few years.

What this showdown will really boil down to is whether the 49ers defense can successfully slow down Patrick Mahomes.

Because if they cannot, the 6-of-8 passing performance from Jimmy Garoppolo against the Green Bay Packers will not be enough to outgun Kansas City.

Will the Chiefs ultimately be able to live up to expectations and deliver a championship to head coach Andy Reid? We’re about two weeks away from getting our answer.

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