Willian Joining Barcelona After Talks With Chelsea Break Down?

Willian Joining Barcelona After Talks With Chelsea Break Down?

Willian Joining Barcelona After Talks With Chelsea Break Down?

Willian is joining Barcelona after his most recent talks with Chelsea broke down, it appears.

The 31-year-old has been linked to Barca for years now, so the move makes sense. Talk of him heading to Spain originally started in 2018, and then subsequently occurred in 2019 and early 2020. In each of those occasions, the chatter never materialized into anything more.

However, this time around it feels different.

The biggest obstacle in the way of Willian joining Barcelona previously was the club’s poor financial standing. Chelsea was not offered anything that looked particularly intriguing, and never responded with much fervor.

Now that Chelsea turning down bids is no longer an option, Barca suddenly becomes a much more feasible option. The fact that Ousmane Dembele’s status is so up in the air makes a potential Willian signing all the more alluring.

Willian is said to be looking for a 3-year deal – something Chelsea does not want to do. Barcelona, meanwhile, is willing to meet that number.

Arsenal is also reportedly interested in potentially scooping up Willian, but Barcelona makes a lot more sense.

Willian’s contract with Chelsea will expire when Champion’s League play wraps up this month. At that point, he will be on the move. A final decision on where should come at some point during August.

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