Ballers Becomes Real Life As The Rock Buys XFL

Ballers Becomes Real Life As The Rock Buys XFL

Ballers Becomes Real Life As The Rock Buys XFL

Ballers became real life on Monday as the Rock bought the XFL. In a move straight out of Spencer Strasmore’s playbook, the former WWE wrestler-turned-Hollywood icon has revealed that he is part of a group that is taking over Vince McMahon’s anti-NFL offering.

The Rock, along with RedBird Capital, bought the XFL for approximately $15 million a mere few hours before it was scheduled to hit bankruptcy.

What that means for the XFL’s future remains to be seen. It came into its most recent season with a lot of hype and enjoyed some early success. However, as the novelty wore off and Covid hit, the ratings dipped severely. It is difficult to say what would have happened if the league were permitted to have a second season under McMahon’s watch, but things were not looking reat.

Will the Rock and Co. be able to do any better? Time will tell.

Immediately after news broke of The Rock’s XFL investment, people on Twitter began comparing it to moves pulled by his character in the hit HBO show Ballers. There, Strasmore, the Rock’s character, purchased the Kansas City Chiefs.

Additional details regarding what the The Rock’s plans for the XFL are should come in the next few weeks days and weeks.

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