Why Was Cavaliers’ Cedi Osman Bleeding Yellow Blood? (Video)

Why Was Cavaliers’ Cedi Osman Bleeding Yellow Blood? (Video)

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Detroit Pistons 102-94 on Sunday, improving their season record to 13-7.

It was the young squad’s latest impressive effort, comfortably securing their spot as the No. 3 team in the East at the moment.

While beating Detroit was nice and all, that wasn’t the major story of the game.

Rather, what NBA Twitter couldn’t stop talking about after the fact was an incident involving Cedi Osman.

Following a clash, Osman found himself on the ground and bleeding. Only he wasn’t bleeding red blood. It was yellow.

The visual largely speaks for itself:

Fans were legitimately taken aback by what they were witnessing in front of them.

Responses poured in immediately:

So why specifically was Osman bleeding yellow? There were a couple of theories:

After the game, nobody on the Cavaliers’ side clarified the real reason Osman was seemingly bleeding yellow. So for now, the mystery lives on.

This has been a crazy year for the Cavs already. Between the Donovan Mitchell trade and all the fallout from that, his girl’s photos randomly blowing up online and now this – 2022 has already been a wild ride for Cleveland hoops.

That said, the Cavaliers are extremely fun to watch right now.

Can they keep this momentum going for the rest of the year?

Time will tell.

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