Why Texans Really Traded DeAndre Hopkins

Why Texans Really Traded DeAndre Hopkins

Why Texans Really Traded DeAndre Hopkins

Why did the Houston Texans really trade DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals? Money, primarily.

Last week, Houston Sent Hopkins to Arizona in a deal that was widely panned by all observers. The near-universal opinion seems to be that the Texans got absolutely fleeced in a transaction that cost them their best wide receiver.

Many could not help but ask after the fact: why would Bill O’Brien pull the trigger on a move so ridiculous?

According to Albert Breer, the answer is simple: money.

“Money is the driving factor in all of this for the Hopkins and the Texans,” Breer reported.

“Even in the Cardinals press-release announcing they traded for Hopkins, they acknowledged that stating in their article, ‘He reportedly wants a raise and new contract – a topic that would likely had been known to the Cards prior to a deal.’”

Will this trade ultimately cost the Texans Deshaun Watson? Time will tell.

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