Why Steve Kerr Fined Drake $500

Why Steve Kerr Fined Drake $500

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr knows the importance of discipline. If a violation is committed, a penalty must be issued. That rule applies to his players, and it also applies to his players’ associates.

Speaking with ABC7 News’ Chris Alvarez this weekend, Kerr shared one particular anecdote that illustrated this maxim.

“Years ago, we were flying to L.A. after our home game. … And Steph [Curry] and Draymond [Green] weren’t on the plane at the departure time … And Steph said, ‘Oh my fault, I’m with Drake and Draymond, we’re at the arena still.’ …

“We had a team rule at the time that you could bring a friend on the plane a couple times a year. And unbeknownst to me, Steph decided to use one of his slots for Drake,” Kerr continued.

“So Drake got on the plane that night with Draymond and Steph, and I fined all three of them for being late. And Drake paid his $500 fine.”

When pressed on whether the event happened as his coach had described, Curry confirmed that it had.

“We got stuck in the Oracle parking lot … headed to L.A. on a back-to-back, and me and Draymond were definitely late. Just chopping it up with Drake in the parking lot. I think he put it in a song, him taking the team plane from Oracle,” he said.

The song in question, in case anyone is wondering, is ‘Free Smoke’ and appeared on Drake’s 2017 album, ‘More Life.’

No wonder Green has so much pent up aggression these days. He’s probably still mad about his $500 fine.

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