Is Draymond Green’s Rant About NBA Media Accurate? (Video)

Is Draymond Green’s Rant About NBA Media Accurate? (Video)

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green went on an epic rant Saturday night regarding the NBA media not understanding the game of basketball the way they think they do.

“Do you wish defense was seen in a sexier way?,” a reporter asked him. “Being in good position, or staying vertical, that’s just as important potentially hitting a splashy three, but it’s the three that ends up on the highlight reel.”

That’s when Green went off.

“That would require people to know the game of basketball, and most people don’t,” he replied.

“Wishful thinking. Most people will never learn the game of basketball. They think they know, but yet don’t have a clue. So, it is what it is.

“I enjoy being one of the not-so-many people that actually know the game and being in that rare category of people who really know what’s going on in the game of basketball, as oppose to watching and thinking they can dissect it because they realize who hit a shot. It’s fine.”

At that point, a reporter followed up: “How would you go about teaching them?”

“Well, first off, in order to learn, you have to understand what you don’t know, and most people don’t understand that they don’t know s–t, so they’re just f—ed, and that’s just what it would be,” Green replied.

“It’s like a drug addict. The first step to rehab is admitting that you’re a drug addict. And so when you have all these internet sensations thinking they know the game of basketball, they would then have to admit that they don’t know basketball, and no one’s going to do that, so they’re pretty much just f—ed.”

While the substance of what Green said in the beginning was pretty interesting, the fact that he couldn’t actually provide a pathway to imparting his knowledge onto others was telling. What he is really saying is that people who don’t play the game aren’t qualified to assess it, which is hardly a fresh or unique take.

Far more notable than what Green said is the fact that it’s the latest example of the sort of animosity so many players in the NBA seem to have towards the media covering the sport. Kyrie Irving has a lot of that resentment, too. Whether that hostility is justified or not is debatable, but it’s definitely there and doesn’t seem to get discussed enough.

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