Why Otto Porter Jr. Picked Raptors Over Warriors In NBA Free Agency

Why Otto Porter Jr. Picked Raptors Over Warriors In NBA Free Agency

The Golden State Warriors have lost quite a bit of supporting talent so far this offseason.

There was some hope the front office would be able to secure Otto Porter Jr. heading into 2022-23, but they didn’t.

Instead Porter Jr. is heading to the Toronto Raptors on a two-year, $12.4 million contract.

This week he spoke to Eric Koreen of The Athletic and revealed what went into his decision to pick Toronto over other offers.

It’s certainly hard to fault Porter Jr. for his rationale, but there is a pattern starting to emerge. Juan Toscano-Anderson and his girl are off running wild in L.A. now. Andrew Wiggins is likely heading elsewhere. The Golden State roster will look very different in 2022-23 than it did last year.

Normally, winning a chip leads to teams running it back. Clearly the Warriors are operating under a different philosophy, though.

Stephen Curry recently endorsed Kevin Durant returning to the franchise. If that happens, then obviously everyone will forget about a handful of lost role players. But if it doesn’t, and if the Warriors continue to bleed supporting talent with no notable pick-ups, they definitely won’t be the title favorites moving forward.

As for Porter Jr., it’s nice to see him get paid. This is a dude that once went viral for throwing a controversial mega-party. Clearly he has grown up since then.

You love to see it.

What does the future ultimately hold for all parties involved?

Time will tell.

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