Why Lola Bunny Will Be Ugly As Hell In Space Jam 2 (Photos)

Why Lola Bunny Will Be Ugly As Hell In Space Jam 2 (Photos)

Additional details regarding the upcoming movie Space Jam: A New Legacy aka Space Jam 2 came out this week. While there was some interest in the film summary and uniform choices made for the highly-anticipated sequel, most of the conversation ended up centering around Lola Bunny.

More specifically, the decision to make Lola ugly as hell for Space Jam part deux.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Malcolm D. Lee explained that Lola was made less attractive in this film so that she can instead be presented as a stronger female role model for aspiring bunnies.

“This is 2021,” he said.

“It’s important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters.”

This is what Lola will look like in the new film as compared to her original version:

Why Lola Bunny Will Be Ugly As Hell In Space Jam 2 (Photos) 1

Needless to say, Twitter had some reactions.

Will the decision to make Lola a hideous freak lead to a new generation of strong females? Will it finally, once and for all, get it through women’s heads that they cannot be both sexy and a baller?

Time will tell.

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