Why LeBron James Was Banned From Michael Jordan’s ‘Last Dance’ Documentary

Why LeBron James Was Banned From Michael Jordan’s ‘Last Dance’ Documentary

Michael Jordan’s ‘Last Dance’ documentary sent massive reverberations throughout the entire sports world when it first debuted.

Not only did it completely wreck Jordan’s relationship with Scottie Pippen, but it turned some of his former Chicago Bulls teammates against him.

Nevertheless, the documentary was a huge hit.

One of the key things fans couldn’t help but notice about it, however, was exclusion of current Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Many view James as Jordan’s biggest rival for the ‘greatest of all time’ mantle, and as such, it was odd that he wasn’t part of the documentary.

As it turns out, he was banned from it by design.

“Once you open that door, then you have to have that discussion, and I was never interested in having that discussion,” Jason Hehir said, the director of the ‘Last Dance’ documentary, told Bill Simmons.

“… If they (people) were at the bar having this discussion about the GOAT, if they want to cite things that they saw in ‘The Last Dance,’ great, but I never wanted to sit … Because what are you gonna ask LeBron?

“And you know what he’s going to say. He’s gonna say ‘I admire the guy, I wore 23 because of him, I grew up watching him.’ We’ll show a picture of him wearing Jordans. There’s going to be no surprises there.”

While Hehir’s logic certainly makes sense, it is a shame that James wasn’t featured in the ‘Last Dance’ anyway.

Hopefully when the time comes for James’ documentary to be released, Jordan will in fact be featured in it in some capacity.

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