Mark Cuban On What It Feels Like To Hug Kyrie Irving

Mark Cuban On What It Feels Like To Hug Kyrie Irving

Mark Cuban’s decision to acquire Kyrie Irving last year was met with a ton of skepticism.

When the Dallas Mavericks failed to make the playoffs last season, critics’ doubts seemed justified.

This year, however – the Mavs are thriving. They are picking up steam ahead of the postseason and seem to be firing on all cylinders right now.

This past week Cuban appeared on Draymond Green’s podcast and revealed what it was like to hug Irving.

“I love Ky to death,” he said.

“The more I talk to him, he’s got a heart of gold. He cares about too many things. If he has a problem, it’s that he cares about too many things. There are certain people when you hug them, you feel who they are. That’s Kyrie Irving.”

Cuban then suggested that the way other players around the league feel about Irving puts in perspective how different the perception of him is within NBA circles

“If you watch Kyrie after any game, you can see he’s hugging five guys,” Cuban continued.

“It’s not high-fives, quick hugs, and walks off the court. He’s hugging you like he’s related. When we talked to people around him before the deal, nobody disliked him, everybody loved him. When you talk to teammates, current and former, they love him.”

Cuban then blamed the media for Irving’s poor reputation.

“When you asked them what the issue was, they’re like, ‘Oh well, you know, media.’ Ky is just a caring guy and sometimes, he lets that heart come through and people don’t appreciate it. I’m like, I can deal with the media, this is Dallas… I’ll take those bullets like I have done for other guys,” he added.

So far, the relationship between Irving and the Mavericks has gone swimmingly.

Will they be able to bring home an NBA championship in 2024? An answer one way or another is coming in the next few months.

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