When Is The Kentucky Derby In 2020?

When Is The Kentucky Derby In 2020?

When Is The Kentucky Derby In 2020?

When is the Kentucky Derby in 2020? It has been moved from first Saturday in May to the first Saturday in September.

The decision to shift the timing of the largest horse race in America came on the heels of the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe.

Obviously, the hope is that the curve will flatten and things will die down as the year progresses.

The first Saturday in September falls on the 5th, this year.

This change in date marks the first time since 1945 that the Kentucky Derby has been postponed.

The Kentucky Derby is the first jewel of the triple crown, a series of races that usually occur between May and June. The Preakness Stakes usually occurs in May and the Belmont Stakes usually goes down in June.

It remains to be seen what will happen with those two races.

Incidentally, September is also when the Kentucky State Fair is typically held. It will be interested to see how those events ultimately coincide when they finally happen.

The Kentucky Derby generally adds $400 million in revenue to the state’s economy.

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