What Henry Ruggs Yelled At Hospital Staff After Fatal Crash

What Henry Ruggs Yelled At Hospital Staff After Fatal Crash

Former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III was involved in a fatal car crash this week.

On Nov. 2, an allegedly intoxicated Ruggs got into his car and drove at speeds that reportedly reached 156 miles per hour. His ride would end in tragedy when he ended up crashing into the back of a Toyota RAV4.

A woman, Tina O. Tintor, and her dog died in the accident after their car erupted in flames.

Ruggs was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol resulting in death and reckless driving. He now faces an extremely lengthy prison stint.

In the aftermath of the accident details have slowly started to emerge on what happened in the lead-up to, and immediately after, the crash.

According to 8 News Now Las Vegas, after being taken to the hospital, a belligerent and incoherent Ruggs quickly began verbally attacking staff when they tried to help him.

“As medical staff advised Ruggs to stop removing the medical equipment, Ruggs began to yell, ‘Get me the **** out of here,’” an obtained report read. “Ruggs continued to yell from his bed and refused to listen to hospital staff and yelled they were not doing anything for him.”

Ruggs also allegedly asked the police to get him out of there.

“When police went to speak with Ruggs at UMC, he told them to ‘get him out of here,’ the report said. He also told the investigating officer he did not remember what happened, responding ‘no’ several times,” the report continued.

At this point, everyone from Ruggs’ now-former Raiders teammates and coaches to his college friends have weighed in on what transpired. Alabama head coach Nick Saban offered a particularly blunt assessment.

What happens from here will now be up to the courts. Any which way you look at it, though – this is a tragedy. Two lives were lost forever, and countless others will be impacted as a result of what transpired on that unfortunate night.

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