What Enes Kanter Did When LeBron James Walked Over (Video)

What Enes Kanter Did When LeBron James Walked Over (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics 117-102 on Tuesday night.

It was inarguably LA’s most impressive performance this year, on multiple fronts.

Because of how well the game was going for them throughout, at a certain point, the Lakers started flexing hard.

One key example of that occurred in the third quarter with just over eight minutes remaining. At that point, James could be seen walking over to the Celtics bench right where Enes Kanter was sitting.

You will recall, he and Kanter are currently engaged in a nasty beef.

Here is how Kanter, who has had a lot to say about James in the media, responded to James:

Naturally, folks on social media had some reactions:

This proved to be Kanter’s second L during the game. The first came when Russell Westbrook openly mocked him to his face.

At the core of the beef between James and Kanter is the latter’s belief that the former is a hypocrite for not speaking out on atrocities being committed in China.

James has often inserted himself into political conversations, particularly as they relate to racial discrimination. Yet he has remained oddly quiet on what is happening in China. Given James’ financial incentivization to not criticize the country, Kanter believes he is a coward and hypocrite.

Previously, James has called out Kanter for being all talk.

Based on how things have gone up to this point, it’s safe to assume this feud isn’t dying down any time soon.

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