What Cavs Are Willing To Give 76ers In Ben Simmons Trade

What Cavs Are Willing To Give 76ers In Ben Simmons Trade

The Cleveland Cavaliers have emerged as a dark horse candidate to swoop in and steal Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Over the course of the past few weeks, they have quietly outpaced early frontrunners for Simmons’ services like the Golden State Warriors, who are now officially out of the hunt.

The Sixers have obviously made their asking price for Simmons known. Thus, the big question at this juncture is: does Cleveland possess the talent necessary to meet it?

This week, a clearer picture emerged of what precisely the Cavaliers were willing to offer up in a prospective Simmons deal.

“Sources maintain the Cavs don’t have any ‘untouchables.’ However, prized rookie Evan Mobley and rising point guard Darius Garland are closest to that designation,” reported Chris Fedor of “The likelihood of either player being moved is incredibly low. That leaves Collin Sexton, Isaac Okoro and future first-rounders to help cajole a Simmons deal.”

The “take-whoever-you-want” approach is obviously a broad one, but it is also probably the best way to handle this Simmons situation. After all, when the Minnesota Timberwolves tried to take one player off the table in negotiations, Philly immediately broke off conversations. Same thing happened with the Toronto Raptors.

Sexton being included in any potential deal makes sense given that he has legit star potential and is absolutely despised by his teammates. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess who would be included.

Will the Cavs ultimately be able to get something done for Simmons? Time will tell.

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