Were Ravens Cheating During Browns Game?

Were Ravens Cheating During Browns Game?

Were Ravens Cheating During Browns Game?

Were the Ravens cheating during the Browns game?

That is the question fans were left asking after a fan watching the game posted an odd Twitter video.

In the video, a Baltimore staffer standing behind head coach John Harbaugh could be seen wearing what appeared to be a Bluetooth earpiece.

Many speculated that if the device in the man’s ear was in fact a Bluetooth device, it would be a violation of NFL league rules.

Baltimore was previously fined $200,000 last year after it was discovered that multiple players were using coach-to-player communication technology in their helmets.

Obviously that does not mean anything illicit occurred on Sunday, but it does show that the Ravens are no strangers to bending the rules.

Did an actual violation occur? The league will make a final decision on that some time Monday.

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