Andrew Luck Returning To Colts In 2020?

Andrew Luck Returning To Colts In 2020?

Andrew Luck Returning To Colts In 2020?

Is Andrew Luck returning to the Colts in 2020?

That is the question Indianapolis fans began asking this year when it was reported that Luck was spending an increasing amount of time during the facility this season.

It would certainly be understandable if Colts fans wanted their guy back.

Luck experienced a resurgence of sorts last year before ultimately retiring in shocking fashion at the end of the season. He definitely had it in him to continue to be a successful quarterback if he wanted to go down that path.

Meanwhile, without him, the Colts are 7-8 and just watched the Houston Texans officially take control of their division.

So is Luck coming back? It would appear that the answer is no.

According to NFL Network insider Ian Rapaport, Luck is officially staying retired.

“Going into the offeason, we have to proceed as if Andrew is officially retired,” owner Jim Irsay told him.

“So that’s how we operate now.”

Rapaport did note that Indianapolis is exploring options other than Jacoby Brissett to be their starter going forward.

While Brissett has been solid here and there this season, he has not shown the sort of consistency the Colts came to expect from Luck.

Brissett is owed a guaranteed $7 million next year and then can make another $8 million in incentives.

All that being said, Rapaport reports that the Colts will have “significant” interest in making an upgrade at the quarterback position come season’s end.

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  1. We dont want luck back. Jb did a great job and a better job than luck would have. Stop finding issues with the Colts when there are far more other teams that are worst please stop sneak dissing our qb

    1. JB did better than Luck would have?? LMAO. You realize Luck had CRAP rosters with the colts and almost single handedly carried that team to the playoffs multiple times. Last year he was 2nd only to Mahomes in TD passes and was top 3 in virtually every QB statistic .

  2. Colts are 7-8 because they are using the wrong QB!!! Brissett is a solid back up, thats it, not saying Colrs are in the Superbowl with Kelly but they wouldve had a better chance! Problems aside, Kelly is Very Good!

  3. Who writes this crap? A “resurgence of sorts”? Last year Luck was top 3 in virtually every meaningful QB statistic. He was 2nd behind Mahomes in TD passes. And he absolutely did not retire “at the end of last year”. He retired THIS year after the 3rd preseason game.

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