Was Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Rigged? Suspicious Video Goes Viral

Was Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Rigged? Suspicious Video Goes Viral

Saturday night’s big showdown between Jake Paul and Ben Askren proved to be much shorter than anyone anticipated.

Although Paul famously made quick work of Nate Robinson a few months back, the expectation was that a former UFC fighter and MMA champ would be a more legitimate challenger.

Not so.

Paul made easy work of Askren in embarrassing fashion too.

Shortly after the knockout, speculation began to run rampant that the fight was rigged.

One video in particular stood out. It seemed to show Askren taking his shockingly embarrassing loss surprisingly well.

And it didn’t end there.

So was the fight rigged? That’s for everyone to decide on their own.

As far as what’s next for Paul – a potential showdown with Dillon Danis might be in the cards. Or perhaps a blockbuster battle with Conor McGregor.

One thing’s for certain, though – folks better get used to seeing Paul in the boxing ring. Not only is he a major draw, he’s also pretty good at what he does.

What does the future hold for the young Youtube star? Time will tell.

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