Vikings Trading Stefon Diggs To Broncos?

Vikings Trading Stefon Diggs To Broncos?

Vikings Trading Stefon Diggs To Broncos?

Are the Vikings trading Stefon Diggs to the Broncos? One way or another, the 26-year-old is looking to get out of Minnesota.

The frequency of his cryptic tweets on social media is only increasing.

The most recent one came on Sunday evening, when he tweeted out that things were “getting interesting.”

What precisely is getting interesting? That is unclear. Diggs has kept the details on what his future holds fairly quiet.

Over the past year, the former Maryland standout has not been shy about expressing his displeasure with Minnesota’s tactical strategies.

Simply put, he wants to be featured more prominently in what the team does offensively. The Vikings, meanwhile, would prefer to be reliant on their ground game.

Inevitably those differing strategies mean something’s got to give.

Either Diggs has to calmly accept a decreased role and stop complaining, or Minnesota needs to trade the wide receiver.

One interesting trade partner that has been suggested in recent weeks is Denver.

The Broncos could certainly use a security blanket for new starting quarterback Drew Lock to throw to. That is undeniable.

However, a number of factors need to be taken into account when it comes to whether Diggs is worth trading for.

First and foremost, bringing him in would result in a $11.5 million cap hit for Denver. Minnesota, conversely, would eat a $9 million dead money charge.

As far as what it would take to pry Diggs away, two deals involving Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown may provide clues.

In both scenarios, third-round picks were traded. Pittsburgh, additionally, received a fifth-round selection from the Oakland Raiders for Brown’s services. Denver, meanwhile, got a fourth-rounder after sending a fifth-rounder to the San Francisco 49ers.

That means no matter what Denver would need to send over a third rounder. From there, additional pieces of some sort would obviously be necessary.

While the Vikings have been reluctant publicly to discuss moving Diggs, privately the organization understands that it is going to be more than $11 million over the cap. Getting rid of a disgruntled wide receiver could alleviate some of that pain.

Of course, there is a flip side to that coin. Denver would be bringing in a wide receiver who currently is slated to make $11.4 million in 2022. That is a lot. And given all the other talent they will need to re-sign in three years, it may create a problematic salary cap scenario.

The big question everything comes down to is: how much will Diggs be able to help this young Denver team?

And will he be a willing participant in a rebuild? Odell Beckham Jr. proved this past season that being on a losing team, even if you are making a lot of money, is no fun.

Is Diggs prepared to go from a perineal dark horse Super Bowl contender like Minnesota to a team that will not sniff the playoffs for the next two years?

Time will tell.

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