Vikings, Ravens Doing A Stefon Diggs Trade?

Vikings, Ravens Doing A Stefon Diggs Trade?

Vikings, Ravens Doing A Stefon Diggs Trade?

Are the Vikings and Ravens doing a Stefon Diggs trade?

Diggs had something of a tumultuous season in Minnesota this year.

Arguably one of the most talented wide receivers in the league, Diggs felt consistently under-utilized for much of the season. That manifested itself in him sometimes publicly and sometimes subtly expressing a desire to play elsewhere.

In a recent report, Michael Rand of the Star Tribune suggested that the team may try to move Diggs this offseason.

The rationale here is clear. Diggs is a pricey asset. His $14.5 million cap hit for next year is second to only quarterback Kirk Cousins.

If he does not want to be there, and if he is not shy about expressing his displeasure vocally, then it would make sense for Minnesota to consider its options.

Moreover, his concerns regarding underutilization are now unwarranted. Last season was just the tip of the iceberg, too. With the hiring of Gary Kubiak as offensive coordinator, there is reason to believe that Diggs’ diminishing role in the offense will like grow even smaller come 2020.

On Sunday, Diggs posted a message on Twitter that was very cryptic in nature, but also a little foreboding.

“People don’t appreciate things until they’re gone,” he tweeted.

Recently, Bleacher Report penned a column suggesting that Baltimore may try to make a trade for Diggs. In order to facilitate the deal, the Ravens would presumably have to part with a first round draft pick.

That said, given the level of talent Diggs brings to the table, giving up a first rounder for him is not the costliest of trade offs.

Mind you, Diggs is only 26 years old and currently coming off back to back 1000-yard campaigns. The fact that he is a stud is not up for debate.

An offense featuring Lamar Jackson at quarterback throwing to Diggs and Hollywood Brown is the stuff of nightmares for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals and anyone else that would have to play Baltimore next year.

Will this deal actually go down? It depends on what other teams bring to the table in the coming months. But one way or another, the smart money is on Diggs being something other than a Viking come next season.

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