Vanessa Bryant’s Impressive Halloween Costume Goes Viral (Photos)

Vanessa Bryant’s Impressive Halloween Costume Goes Viral (Photos)

Vanessa Bryant and her family have been considered Los Angeles royalty for many years.

Despite going through the sort of tragedy that nobody should ever have to deal with, Vanessa and her daughters have been beacons of classiness and respectability through the darkest of times.

Because of that, Vanessa has amassed a massive audience on social media. Fans genuinely love following her along in life and see what she and the girls are up to.

This week, Vanessa went viral when she shared her Halloween photos with the family online.

Vanessa Bryant’s Impressive Halloween Costume Goes Viral (Photos) 1

Vanessa Bryant’s Impressive Halloween Costume Goes Viral (Photos) 2

And that wasn’t her only costume this year:

Vanessa Bryant’s Impressive Halloween Costume Goes Viral (Photos) 3

In 2023, it is hard to stand out costume-wise. Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, put together pretty special ensembles for her family. Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend, Mallory Edens, also left quite the impression with her costume.

Heck, even Vanessa’s good friend Ciara set the internet ablaze with her choice of costume.

Despite all that, though – something about Vanessa’s costume really stands out. Maybe it is the way she incorporated her family. Perhaps it is just her general aura. But something really feels different about what she did.

Halloween stuff aside, Vanessa is obviously no stranger to being in the news. Be it for partying with Kim Kardashian, her wild photos by the pool or her provocative vacation pictures, she is always in the headlines for something.

This is no exception.

The entire Bryant family has always held a really special place in the hearts of Los Angeles, but also the larger sports world.

That is unlikely to change any time soon. Kobe Bryant simply meant too much to too many people.

While Vanessa obviously isn’t her husband, she has done a very impressive job in holding the family up much in the way he used to.

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