LSU Star Olivia Dunne’s Powerful Halloween Costume (Photos)

LSU Star Olivia Dunne’s Powerful Halloween Costume (Photos)

LSU star Olivia Dunne stole the show this week with a powerful Halloween costume that proved to be an instant hit.

With every passing year it feels like Halloween costumes are becoming more and more impressive. Unsurprisingly, 2023 is no exception.

Dunne has proven herself as one of the most adept college athletes around when it comes to maximizing social media eyeballs. As a result, she was able to figure out exactly what sort of Halloween costume would have maximum impact this year.

On Tuesday, she shared the photos online. First, her real costume:

@livvy Khaleesi 👑> #foryou #got ♬ original sound – TAYLER ⋆。°✩ ♡✩°。⋆

Then a jokey one with her LSU teammate, Elena Arenas:

LSU Star Olivia Dunne’s Powerful Halloween Costume (Photos) 1

Dunne obviously goes viral with pretty regular frequency. Be it for photos where fans can’t figure out if she is shirtless, her wild birthday party pictures or her racy bathroom video – she is an undeniable permanent fixture in the news.

Even in a year where Brittany Mahomes set the internet ablaze with her Halloween costume and Mallory Edens nearly broke the internet with hers, somehow, Dunne still managed to stand above the rest.

Dunne’s unique brand of star power is why she isn’t just the biggest name in LSU athletics, but arguably the whole sports world. There is a reason why literally anything she posts online causes a massive media firestorm.

The other really interesting thing about Dunne is that she is actually a really good gymnast, too.

Unlike some of her counterparts, who blew up online simply by being athletes who post racy photos, Dunne is legitimately talented on the mats.

After all, she did guide the Tigers to the NCAA Tournament Final Four just one season ago.

As this Halloween showing proved, there is only one Olivia Dunne – and luckily for LSU she proudly wears that school’s flag.

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