Urban Meyer’s Wife Reacts After More Troubling Photos Emerge

Urban Meyer’s Wife Reacts After More Troubling Photos Emerge

On Saturday evening Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer found himself at the center of an unexpected controversy.

As the day’s college football games were wrapping up, social media exploded with a video of Meyer, 57, seemingly being grinded on by a woman that wasn’t his wife.

The video largely spoke for itself – but the drama didn’t stop there.

More troubling photos quickly emerged:

Urban Meyer’s Wife Reacts After More Troubling Photos Emerge 1

“I had heard rumblings from multiple people that Meyer visited his steak house in the Short North and had more than a couple Bud Lights,” reported D.J. Byrnes of The Rooster. “And then, hours later, this video showing a man who looks exactly like Urban Meyer in a place that looks exactly like Urban Meyer’s Chop House in the Short North surfaced on the internet.”

The fact that photos seemingly showed Meyer wearing the exact same outfit as the gentleman who was being grinded on in the video only further added to the craziness.

Late Saturday night, more fuel was added to the fire when Meyer’s wife seemingly reacted to all the hoopla surrounding her husband.

Urban Meyer’s Wife Reacts After More Troubling Photos Emerge 2

As you might imagine, Meyer has been getting it from all angles over the past 12 hours.

“Nothing like a Thursday night game and the weekend off,” ESPN’s Booger McFarland said of the video.

This has been a big year for Meyer. He joined the Jacksonville Jaguars with a lot of fanfare, ultimately making some pretty bold moves in the beginning. Unfortunately, he ran out of steam relatively quickly – and now his squad sits at 0-4 on the season.

Beyond that, Meyer’s players seem to be turning on him and ownership is rapidly losing faith in his way of doing things.

Obviously the year is young and anything can happen, but at he moment, it feels like things are going to get a lot worse for Meyer before they get better – on all fronts.

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