Urban Meyer To Cleveland Browns A Done Deal?

Urban Meyer To Cleveland Browns A Done Deal?

Urban Meyer To Cleveland Browns A Done Deal?

Is Urban Meyer to the Cleveland Browns a done deal?

It is increasingly beginning to look that way.

Meyer has been on the sidelines since stepping down as had coach of Ohio State last year.

It was widely assumed that the 55-year-old would return to the collegiate game at some point next season, but it appears he may have loftier ambitions.

According to Bruce Feldman of The Athletic, Cleveland has strong interest in bringing Meyer onboard.

If Meyer does end up jumping to the pro ranks, the Browns would make a lot of sense.

After all, he is from Toledo, Ohio, and his first head coaching job was at Bowling Green.

While Meyer’s Florida days are renowned, he also enjoyed immense success with Ohio State.

There were some questions regarding Meyer’s health, but according to ESPN reporter Laura Rutledge those have since subsided.

“I do think he will coach again. And if you remember this time last year, I was saying no. I thought he was done,” she said in December.

“But I think now that he has kind of gotten himself healthy again, which is the most important, his health has been a big problem for him, obviously, and that’s been the most important thing for him.

“So once he’s gotten that handled, he’s kind of back in the mix in a way; everybody’s talking about him. I think he’s at least intrigued by the idea of the NFL.”

Cleveland fired Freddie Kitchens one season in after he finished the year 6-10.

The organization is said to also have interest in former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and current New England Patriots coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Whether either of those guys will be able to steal the job away from Meyer remains to be seen.

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  1. I hope that IF Urban Meyer becomes head coach of the Browns that they will give him leeway on how to run his team. Time and time again I think the reason why we’ve lost coaches is because of the quote on quote Upper Deck putting their hands in the mix and muddling it, and then firing the coach when things go bad. I’d hate to see the great Urban Meyer get his name tarnished because of the Brown’s stigma, for the lack of better words.

    1. Yes I agree I’ve known Urban Meyer a longtime,now Coaching Ohio State and other teams years before I hope he is successful in Cleveland.But I’m a Ravens fan and look out Urban Pro Football.Dont get sick or loose a good thing,get these Browns back up to were they need to be but not for me for you.Your a great guy great coach Urban Meyer prove it again now you and John Harbaugh can Talk to each other ask how’s Lamar Jackson doing.

    2. The Browns have little to no interest in Meyer. They’re after a proven pro commodity while they have the talent on hand. At least they should be.


    1. Yeah he’s a caring coach alright remember the texts oh yeah he didn’t do it that’s why he got suspended for three games come on people he is not a saint don’t get me wrong I’m a big OSU fan but draw x line somewhere

  3. Urban Meyer is from Ashtabula..other side of the state from Toledo and actually closer to Cleveland..I’m not a Browns fan but if he does decide to coach in Cleveland I wish him luck..he’ll need it

    1. You have it backwards Cleveland will need help because he lost it at OSU, and now Ryan Day is showing how to run the BUCKS just watch NC coming up next

    1. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard the Brown’s need to go after Josh let’s be real Meyer in Cleveland please

  4. Urban Myers is the coach i want in Cleveland being a life long Browns fan threw thick or thin i want what’s best for my team we have the talent all we need is a few hard noise vet who know how to win and lead and a great coach like Myers.

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