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Jim Harbaugh Responds To Michigan’s Loss To Alabama

Jim Harbaugh Responds To Michigan’s Loss To Alabama

Jim Harbaugh Responds To Michigan’s Loss To Alabama

Jim Harbaugh responded to Michigan’s loss to Alabama on Wednesday afternoon.

Most people expected the Crimson Tide to emerge from the Citrus Bowl victorious, but Harbaugh’s group put up a good fight for the first half of the game.

Ultimately, the talent disparity was just too much. When it was all said and done, Alabama emerged with a 35-16 victory.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Harbaugh was confronted with the reality of yet another bowl loss – his fourth straight.

Despite clearly being disappointed by how the game went, Harbaugh had nothing but praise for Nick Saban and his team.

“I think their level of excellence has been at the highest level,” he said.

“I think Coach Saban deserves a great share of that credit, along with the program that they’ve built. It’s at the highest level.”

Harbaugh also acknowledged that Michigan simply could not keep up with Alabama’s propensity for making big plays.

“Their ability to create the big play was critical in the game, and their ability to keep us out of the end zone and through the drives,” he noted.

“We had long drives and settled for field goals.”

With the loss, Michigan fell to 9-4 on the season.

Alabama, meanwhile, improved to 11-2 in 2019.

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  1. And as long as Michigan continues to lose the big games to their rivals in the B10 they will be unable to get those 5 star recruits that OSU and Alabama get every year. The only way out is to win with the players you have. It’s not impossible. Purdue beat OSU last season and MSU has beaten them in the past. But it’s going to take better coaching and game planning along with less predictability in play calling.

  2. As long as coach Harbaugh and hie assistants continue dishonoring and disrespecting the University of Michigan’s proud tradition and school colors by wearing black and yellow instead of Maize and Blue, his teams will never be respected by any of the other teams. No matter how well they play, they will ALWAYS be defeated. And another thing … stop disrespecting your players. Stop calling those grown ass players (men) “kids.” Start respecting the University and the men on your football team and they will reward you immensely.

  3. What a fraud! All the recruiting stunts! ,All the travel trips abroad!, All the circus noise n hype, all the 6.5 million per! ,And this is your attitude ? Jim , please go away! Go celebrate the Obumas! You are a joke! Bo wouldve fired you three years ago! Brady hoke must be laughing! The only team that played um ball was with Hokes players! Yup we spanked u fla ! With yours, we suck! You haven’t got a qb yet!

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