Urban Meyer Suggests Tim Tebow Won’t Make Jaguars Cut

Urban Meyer Suggests Tim Tebow Won’t Make Jaguars Cut

The Jacksonville Jaguars surprised a lot of people recently when an invitation was extended to Tim Tebow to come try out for the team.

Tebow is attempting to make his big pro comeback at tight end, not quarterback. Moreover, he has not playing in an NFL game since 2012 and not participated in a training camp since 2015.

The odds of Tebow ultimately making the final roster have been scrutinized and re-scrutinized many a times.

This week, Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer was asked once more about Tebow’s shot of making the final roster.

Meyer responded by saying he views Tebow as “one of 90” right now – essentially throwing cold water on the notion that he had somehow set himself apart from the competition over the past few weeks.

“The last thing you just said, the tough part, is 53,” he told Mackenzie Salmon of USA Today.

“That’s new to me. That’s the reality of the NFL, is that you have 90 players. To me, he’s one of the 90. He’s a guy that’s, what’s the difference between him and the other 40 guys trying to make the team? To me, it’s all the same.

“This is their livelihood, this is a job, this is a way to make a living. And reality is that a good percentage of your roster is going to get cut or transitioned out of here. Which, to me, that’s completely new. In college, you’ve got your 85-95 guys and you fit them in and you put the puzzle together. It’s much different here.”

That is quite the departure from the last time Meyer spoke of Tebow’s chances.

One way or another, a final decision regarding Tebow will come sooner rather than later. And when it does, it’ll be fun to see how the football community reacts – regardless of which way it goes.

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