Urban Meyer Not Joining Dallas Cowboys As Coach

Urban Meyer Not Joining Dallas Cowboys As Coach

Urban Meyer Not Joining Dallas Cowboys As Coach

Urban Meyer is not joining the Dallas Cowboys as coach.

This week college football insider Emmanuel Acho appeared on Get Up and discussed the likelihood of Meyer ultimately ending up as Jerry Jones’ next head coach.

In Acho’s mind, it is simply not going to happen.


Because he doesn’t believe that Meyer will like the lack of control that comes standard when you become head coach of the Cowboys.

“Jerry Jones ain’t going to let you be the chef,” Acho said.

“He’s going to come in there and (say), ‘Huh, let’s add some more salt to that, Urban, let’s add some pepper to that, how about some parsley.’ Urban’s going to be like, ‘Chill, I got this.’ So when you talk about the guys that could be the next predecessor as the next Cowboys head coach, this shouldn’t be Urban, not a good recipe.”

Meyer left Ohio State last season and agreed to become a Fox college football analyst.

The idea was that he would take a yearlong break, and then return to coaching somewhere like USC.

Unfortunately, USC opted to retain Clay Helton – leaving Meyer without a landing spot come season’s end.

With no other appealing college football vacancies, multiple people close to Meyer have suggested that he is now eying the professional ranks.

Dallas would make a lot of sense given how much talent is on the roster, but Jones is a tough guy to deal with.

It is difficult to envision a scenario where two tough personalities like Meyer and Jones are able to set their egos aside from the greater good of a franchise.

Is it possible that Meyer ends up with the Cowboys next year? Of course. Anything is possible.

Is it likely, though? Based on everything we are seeing and hearing thus far, the answer is no.

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  1. Come on Jerry give us a coach and let him coach. I’ve been a Cowboys fan my entire life and been to alot of games and nothing like the good old Football games with Tom Laundry. We need another Jimmy Johnson to coach who doesn’t listen to you but actually coaches the team. That’s all we hear about all the time is that you want to sit in your nice box and still coach the team. It’s time you let that happen so Americas team can play with heart again. For years now we’ve been broken hearted . It’s very sad to have such a talented group of young men who’s dream is to win the Super Bowl but can’t because their coach isn’t allowing that to happen because they aren’t allowed.

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