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LSU Star Takes Brutal Shot At Oklahoma

LSU Star Takes Brutal Shot At Oklahoma

LSU Star Takes Brutal Shot At Oklahoma

An LSU star takes a brutal shot at Oklahoma in the lead-up to their bowl game.

The Tigers and Sooners will square off this weekend in the opening round of the College Football Playoff.

There is obviously a lot on the line in this one, so it stands to reason that both sides would have some strong takes on the opposition.

Surely enough, LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase did not bite his tongue on Thursday during a session with the media. When pressed on his feelings about Oklahoma’s defense, he did not hold back.

“I see a lot of fast guys,” he said.

“A couple of them have tight hips, but some of them are slow, too. I think we’ll have good match-ups all around…We just want them to feel our speed coming up the field. That’s how we get open.”

Chase also had some words for Oklahoma defensive back Parnell Motley.

“Nothing stands out about him too much,” he added.

“I watch him. I see he’s – I don’t know if he’s that long. I don’t really know how tall he is. I see he’s kind of fast.

“He’ll try to put [his] hands on somebody just a little bit, but I’m ready for it. I want him to put his hands on me.”

LSU is coming into this one as a two-touchdown favorite over Oklahoma. Will they be able to back up their track talk? They better, or else they will feel pretty sheepish come Sunday morning.

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  1. Leave your trash talk at home because I don’t hear no fat lady singing yet the game hasn’t started yet either trash talker I will laugh when we stomp the sh** out of you lsu kids. You talk only about defense not about the whole team a team is one not a single player

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