Truth About Dak Prescott Coin Flip During Cowboys Game

Truth About Dak Prescott Coin Flip During Cowboys Game

Truth About Dak Prescott Coin Flip During Cowboys Game

The truth about Dak Prescott’s coin flip during the Cowboys game is far less dramatic than it appears.

On Sunday afternoon, Prescott seemed to make a mistake before his team’s game against the LA Rams that quickly went viral.

After Dallas won the coin flip, referee Walt Anderson asked Prescott whether his team wanted to kick or receive.

At that moment, Prescott seemingly offered several different answers that forced the referee to make a judgment call.

“We want defense … defense …” Prescott said.

“We wanna kick it. Kick it that way.”

At that point, the referee repeated the last thing he heard.

“You wanna kick?” Anderson asked.

“We defer to the second half,” Prescott replied.

“You’re gonna kick,”Anderson confirmed.

Based on the audio, it seems like Prescott offered three separate answers.

First he said he wanted defense. Then to kick. And finally, he said he wanted to defer.

Rather than asking Prescott to confirm, the referee simply made a judgement call.

Who was right and who was wrong in that situation? That is up to each individual fan to decide on their own.

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