Troubling New Details Emerge In Tiger Woods Crash Investigation

Troubling New Details Emerge In Tiger Woods Crash Investigation

Golf legend Tiger Woods was in a violent one-car accident in Southern California last month.

On February 23, Woods’ vehicle went flying off the road and rolled over. The destruction was so severe that Woods had to be taken out of his car and rushed to emergency surgery.

The damage to Woods’ leg was described by doctors as “comminuted open fractures.” That classification indicates that his tibia and fibula bones had broken and torn through the skin – requiring immediate surgical treatment.

On top of that, Woods also fell victim to some more minor injuries to the ankle and foot. The sheer extent of the damage stemming from the accident prompted many to ask a simple question: how could this have happened?

Although the details surrounding this entire situation remain fuzzy, a troubling new report emerged on Saturday morning.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources informed them that “they believe Tiger never hit the brakes as he careened off the road and there’s no evidence he took his foot off the gas either.”

The investigation into Woods’ accident has been slow, with some accusing the police of covering up their findings.

Experts have almost unanimously put together their theory on what led up to this crash, but it has yet to be corroborated in an official capacity by people in the know.

Between the video footage that shows how Woods was driving right before the crash, the response he gave police after being saved, and the public knowledge of why he was in such a hurry that day, a telling picture has started to emerge.

That being said – obviously authorities need to either confirm or deny it one way or the other before folks can start really contemplating the implications of it.

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