Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Marissa Posts Intimate Christmas Photos

Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Marissa Posts Intimate Christmas Photos

The Jacksonville Jaguars have won three straight games and are currently one of the hottest teams in the NFL.

Their newfound success is due in no small part to the career-resurgence quarterback Trevor Lawrence has experienced under new head coach, Doug Pederson. The former Clemson standout’s issues with his former head coach, Urban Meyer, have been well-documented.

In addition to thriving on the field this season, Trevor has also done quite well for himself off it as well. He and his wife Marissa are building a beautiful family together.

This week, Marissa shared some intimate photos of their Christmas celebrations together:

Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Marissa Posts Intimate Christmas Photos 1

This isn’t the first time in recent days that Marissa has blown up online. Her choice of outfit to last week’s game also caused something of a stir. And prior to that, her Halloween costume left quite the impression.

Marissa has more than 308,000 followers across social media, too. That means any time she publishes anything to her accounts, it becomes a big time story:

As far as Trevor and the Jaguars go, this season has already been a huge improvement for them. Even if everything ended today, there are a lot of positive takeaways.

That said – you play to win the games. And the Jaguars have an excellent opportunity to make the playoffs if they can secure a Week 18 victory over the hobbled Tennessee Titans.

Not only has Tennessee lost five straight, but they are also without their starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Everything is set up perfectly for Jacksonville to beat them and make the postseason.

There is a fair case to be made that the Jaguars should just be in no matter what, what with the Denver Broncos beating them earlier this year by cheating, but it is what it is. You can only play the hand you are dealt.

Trevor and Marissa have had an impressive season up to this point, and all signs point to it not ending any time soon.

Will they experience the sort of run that Joe Burrow and his girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher, (wild bedroom tales and all) lived through during the Cincinnati Bengals’ march through the playoffs last year?

An answer to that question and many more should emerge soon enough.

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