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Trevor Lawrence Got Very Honest Before Clemson vs Ohio State

Trevor Lawrence Got Very Honest Before Clemson vs Ohio State

Trevor Lawrence Got Very Honest Before Clemson vs Ohio State

Trevor Lawrence got very honest before Clemson vs Ohio State.

Heading into this weekend, the most highly-anticipated showdown set to take place is the one between No. 2 ranked Ohio State and No. 3 ranked Clemson.

The Buckeyes came into this season with everyone dismissing them following Urban Meyer’s departure. The consensus belief among so-called experts was that this would be a down year for Ohio State football.

It did not take long for the critics to be proven incorrect.

Ohio State dominated everyone and anyone that dared to challenge the team in the Big Ten, and a lot of people came away believing the Buckeyes should have gotten the No. 1 seed.

Clemson, meanwhile, came into this year as everyone’s consensus top team. Despite not a losing a single game, the Tigers got downgraded in the polls on a weekly basis due to a perceived lack of legitimate opposition.

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence entered this season as a favorite to win the Heisman, but he ultimately got off to a slow start that derailed that hype.

Despite getting back on track as the season progressed, Lawrence did not make it onto the short list of Heisman contenders.

Ohio State defensive end Chase Young did, though.

Heading into this weekend’s big game, Lawrence was asked about his views on Young before the Fiesta Bowl.

“Just a great player. He’s physical. He’s fast. He’s a big guy, really athletic,” Lawrence admitted.

“Everything you want in a defensive end. Just has a really good knack for finding the ball, getting to the quarterback. Always seems to be in the right place. That’s just a testament to how he prepares, I’m assuming, and the kind of player he is.”

Lawrence also noted that game-planning for a guy like Young is no easy task.

“I think it’s just being conscious of (him),” Lawrence replied, when pressed on how to play against him.

“More conscious of than we are in some other games, where he didn’t play guys that were quite as good as him. You have that in the back of your head.

“Then also just knowing what to do with protections and things like that. Just always kind of considering him. Really, there are other things, too,” he continued.

“You can’t put too much into one guy, because that will mess up your offense, but you do have to keep him in the back of your mind for sure.”

Will Lawrence and the Clemson offense ultimately find a way to slow down Young? We’ll get our answer one way or the other come Saturday.

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  1. From what I’ve seen this year Young was never blocked in all those great games he had. I’m sure Clemson won’t let that happen saturday ,and mr. young will finally play a team that he’s never run up against in his career like the tigers.Yes , he’s a good player, but Clemson aint Rutgers.

    1. OSU has had a much tougher schedule than Clemson, so he might be better prepares for CU than you think (or admit).

      A Clemson fan busting on Ohio State’s schedule – that’s funny! LOL!

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